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Divorce — the legal process

A STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE TO WHAT HAPPENS IN DIVORCE Wishing you had a road map for your divorce? This article gives you the procedural basics. For purposes of this primer, we’ll assume the divorce case (called an action) is initiated by ...
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How to save money in your divorce

IF YOU LITIGATE, HERE ARE SOME MONEY-SAVING TIPS Let’s be honest: divorce costs money, and litigation is the most expensive way to do it. Here are my top 10 ways to economize in a litigated divorce: Gather as much financial ...
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Splitting annuities in divorce

Is an annuity account in your divorce picture? An annuity can seem harder to split than a marriage, according to an article in the May 2016 issue of Research Magazine. An annuity account gives the account holder the  right to ...
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Your child’s voice in divorce: children’s lawyers

THE ATTORNEY FOR THE CHILD MAKES THE CHILD’S WISHES KNOWN Children are  stakeholders in divorce as much as their parents. How are children’s wishes made known during a divorce or custody proceeding? In New York state, children in certain cases ...
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Your divorce case: settlement or trial?

TRY YOUR CASE OR SETTLE IT — HOW IS THIS DECISION MADE? When your divorce case has passed the early stages and progresses to a point where you are deciding whether to go to trial or negotiate an out of ...
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Divorce: Free Toolkits from Sesame Street Help Parents Help Kids

Little Children, Big Challenges Most parents know Elmo and Cookie Monster, but did you know that Sesame Street offers free resources to help young children through divorce? A toolkit called Little Children, Big Challenges: Divorce provides tools to help youngsters aged 2-8 ...
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Kindness During Divorce

YOU CAN’T GO WRONG BEING KIND IN DIVORCE — OR CAN YOU? Many couples begin their divorces hoping for a kind and amicable process. Opposing views on this are expressed in these two articles. You, your children, your spouse, even ...
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How To Choose A Lawyer

FINDING THE RIGHT LAWYER IS ONE OF YOUR MOST IMPORTANT DIVORCE DECISIONS Where does one start when they are either contemplating whether to move forward with a divorce or when their spouse has already made the decision to divorce? For ...
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