Before getting married, it is essential that the parties have an open and clear discussion of their respective financial situations and their expectations of one another. Although many people think it is not “romantic” to have a prenuptial agreement, we believe that it is not “romantic” to have an unclear financial relationship with your life partner.

We assist couples who are planning to marry address the financial issues that may be important to them during their marriage, and if they wish, help them clarify what would happen if one of them left the marriage.

We sometimes work for one of the parties as an attorney to assist them in negotiating a prenuptial agreement. Through Mid-Hudson Divorce and Family Mediation Center we also work as mediators to assist the couple in working out the agreement together.

You should decide whether you need someone to advocate for you in your discussions with your intended, in which case you should probably retain us as your lawyer, or whether the two of you are comfortable enough working out the details together that you are looking for someone to facilitate the conversation, in which case a mediation appointment might be preferable. You can call and talk to our staff before deciding which appointment to make. In either event, a consultation will be scheduled before you are committed to proceeding.