Many divorce clients who meet with us for the first time are stressed out and imagining multiple horrible possible things that might happen.  Most of those things won’t happen, but when anxiety takes over, it is hard to think straight.  We strongly recommend realistic thinking — which is neither overly optimistic nor overly pessimistic.  But it is hard to find that realistic place when your mind runs away with you.  We suggest the following

  1. Take good care of yourself
  2. Learn to meditate or engage in whatever spiritual practice gives you a sense of peace
  3. Exercise regularly, eat right, get enough sleep
  4. Get a regular massage
  5. Center yourself in whatever way you can
  6. Talk to your sane friends and family, and tell the excitable people that you don’t need to get worked up, you need to think clearly
  7. Keep a journal in which you keep track of your questions for your lawyer as well as chronicling what is going on for you
  8. Don’t let your negative emotions take hold of you – someone said:  “I’ve experienced many terrible things in my life, a few of which actually happened.”
  9. Consider a good therapist — there are some who specialize in helping people through separation and divorce situations.
  10. Remember to breathe.