Introducing Your Spouse to the idea of a Collaborative Divorce

February 5, 2016 by Kathryn Lazar

One of the collaborative lawyers we work with has written a good article about how to introduce your spouse to the idea of considering collaborative divorce. Take a look — it might help you broach a sensitive topic with your spouse if this is the direction you are considering.


Kindness During Divorce

February 1, 2016 by Brett Jones


Many couples begin their divorces hoping for a kind and amicable process. Opposing views on this are expressed in these two articles.

You, your children, your spouse, even your family and friends may all benefit from kindness during your divorce process. You might not expect that perspective from a lawyer whose motto is “peace through superior firepower,” but he’s right. James Sexton’s article, Kindness During Divorce, is one view.

Nearly diametrical is 12 Hard Truths I Was Forced to Learn Through My Divorce in First Wives World (truth #5).

These perspectives are their authors’ truths. Unfortunately, there’s not just one. Google “kindness in divorce” and you’ll find a full array of experiences.

Be sure that encouraging kindness during the divorce process does not mean that your attorney will not zealously advocate for your rights and desires as is required under the Rules of Professional Conduct which govern the practice of law. However, kindness around the divorce process can go a long way to securing a satisfactory agreement while helping to keep your sanity through one of the biggest transitions that you and your family may go through.